Brenda Makani Keau

Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Awakening YOUniversity

Classes in Spiritual Personal Development

Awaken and develop your innate natural born gifts and abilities and ultimately create the kind of life you have always dreamed of.  No matter what you may believe or have been taught, you possess a secret power that is just waiting for you to recognize and harness- your natural psychic or intuitive sense.  

This unique course in Spiritual Personal Development offers in-depth and concise techniques that can be used every day to solve problems, energetically shield yourself from harm and negativity, contact your spirit guides, attain superior intuitive skills, boost your energy and possibly even reserve that perfect parking space in advance.

There are four main sections to this course with classes under each section. These are introductory level courses packed with info. 

*All classes are $50/ONE HOUR/per person .Ask about SCHOLARSHIPS**

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Section 1 : Self Discovery : Who Am I?

A. Mental / Emotional: Learn to quiet the monkey mind, use the mind as a tool, explore limitations and release doubts. Own and feel your emotions, use emotions as a tool for self growth and awareness, learn to let go.

B.  Physical / Spiritual: Recognize and release pent up energy, look at your self image, self care and instinctual behavior.  What is your relationship to and connection with (God/Source/The Divine)? The body is temporary but the spirit is infinite.

C.  Clairaudience:  Recognize the difference between the voice of your ego and the voice of higher consciousness. 

D. Clairsentience and Empathy:  Sense your body signals and feel the energies of the people and environment around you. 

E.  Clairvoyance:  Understand what you are "seeing": signs, symbols, energy fields, and dreams.

F.  Claircognizance:  Trust that when you know something, it is real. 

Section 2: Self Awareness: Oh, it's me!

G.  Grounding and Meditation:  Ask about different types of meditative techniques as well as learn to ground yourself and be present. 

H.  Chakras:  Explore the basic chakra system, how to recognize when your energy centers are off balance and how to clear and rebalance them. 

I.  Manifestation:  Once you have learned about yourself, learn how to manifest what is in the highest and best for all. 

J.  Protection:  Surround yourself and others with love and light, own and stand in your power, recognize and remove energies that are not in alignment. 

Section 3:  Self Realization: What can I do about it?

K.  Death, Dying and Afterlife:  Brief FAQ and look in to the reality of the dying process and afterlife, parallel universes and the unseen. 

L.  Past Lives / Reincarnation:  FAQ's answered, what is a past life?  What is deja-vu? Common theory of reincarnation. 

M. Higher Self/ Helpers and Guides: What is your higher self and relationship to it?  How can you connect with the higher self of another for greater understanding? Familiarize yourself with 4th dimensional help, who to call on, how and when. 

Section 4: Self Mastery: How can I affect the world with it?

This part of the course is for advanced students and only offered as a mentorship after graduating. Check back often for more. 

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